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Brand: Ensis

Swiss engineered ENS!S wings are for watersport athletes looking for new perspectives or for surfers wanting to challenge their own boundaries and defy the limits of physics.
If you’re seeking airtime like co-developer Balz Müller or simply want a relaxing ride with a SUP – ENS!S equipment guarantees pure joy on the water.

To window or not to window … that is the question!
While the debate around windows draws passionate responses from both sides of the argument, ENSIS now offer a choice of their standard wing without a window, or the new SCORE wing which comes with windows … but … not just any old windows. The SCORE wings utilize a new window material that can be folded and creased without affecting the integrity of the window and which is also unaffected by temperate and does not compromise on performance of the wing.

What is new in the SCORE wing compared to the ENSIS wing?
– New segmented leading edge
-> deeper Profile
-> better upwind performance

– Increased leading edge diameter
-> early planning, stiffer more direct feeling
-> better low wind performance

– Optimized window positioning
-> new window positioning
-> clear view – perfect profile

– Revolutionary new window material
-> no compromised performance
-> durable, resistant, solid

– Perfectly placed handles
-> better Grip – better control – direct feeling

– New sizes 2.8 / 4.0 / 6.2
-> we reworked the sizes 2.8 and 6.2
-> new size added 4.0

Technical Features
Robust and light canopy
ENS!S wings are made using the highest quality fabric available on the market—Tejin 3×3 canopy material. The canopy is a triple ripstop made in Japan proven to have the best stiffness to weight ratio and incomparable durability.

Revolutionary new windows material
This revolutionary window material performs like our Tejin fabric. The high durability ensures that it will last in any climate – no matter if very hot or freezing cold.

Stiff and soft handles
Made of an internal plastic stiffener covered with EVA and a soft yet heavy duty external tubular webbing, each handle is connected to the strut that is wrapped with a reinforcement designed to spread the tension throughout the entire strut. That avoids tension concentration at a given point and makes it a solid, reliable handle that remains comfortable in the hands and gives riders direct wing control.

Resistant front tube
The leading edge is reinforced against abrasion at every segment’s connection, specifically in the wing tip area where heavy duty material is used. These ENS!S reinforcements prevent chafing of the tubes and thus increase the life-span of the wings.

Reinforced trailing edge
The trailing edge features a dyneema rope, making it increasingly resilient and long lasting while also greatly reducing flutter.

Fast one pump system
The max flow valve and the double inflate / deflate valves enable quick inflation and deflation.

High quality seams
The leading edge and strut closing seam are built with an added reinforcement layer of insignia, using the highest resistance thread made in the UK. The ENS!S tubes are designed for an inflation pressure of 7 to 9 psi enabling the ENS!S wing to have the most rigid frame possible.

The current ETA for stock in SA is mid-end June.

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