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ENSIS Rock n Roll Wingfoil boards

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Brand: ENSIS Rock n Roll

New ENSIS ROCK’N’ROLL Wing Boards!!

The new additional to the Ensis Rock’n’Roll range have been designed with the highest quality materials and a new and flatter rocker profile for optimum performance. The “new” lineup offers a flatter rocker profile suitable for those wanting to get up and onto the foil as quickly as possible.
The flatter rocker provides higher glide speed and easier water release when working to get onto the foil.

Negative Outline

The new negative outline of the Ensis Rock’n’Roll makes the Rock’n’Roll stable in chop, a pumping machine and responsive when on up on the foil. With a wider nose and tail you are give extra stability before you get up on the foil, making the Rock’n’Roll perfect for choppy water conditions. As well as a more stable board the negative profile of the Ensis Rock’n’Roll gives you one of the easiest pumping foil boards on the market.

Once up on the foil the concave deck on the Ensis Rock’n’Roll gives a great riding feeling and excellent control. With the more compact shape due to the negative outline the Rock’n’Roll feels very responsive when turning or pulling of manoeuvres. The larger surface area at the nose gives you effortless touch downs when you come off the foil allowing for you to quickly skim off the water and get back on the foil.

Carbon Sandwich Construction

Using Swiss engineering and the highest quality Carbon, the Ensis Rock’on’Roll is a true high performance Wing Foil board that feels light under-foot and will take your Wing Foiling to the next level. The decreased weight due to the carbon construction matched with the negative outline of Rock’n’Roll gives a very low swing weight, meaning the Rock’n’Roll is a dream to foil. Responsive, stable and lots of fun! For Beginners and Experts alike, the Ensis Rock’n’Roll Carbon construction is designed to give you endless possibilities while out foiling.


  • Negative outline
  • Compact outline, no swing weight
  • V-Shape double concave bottom, easy planning
  • Tail kick bottom, easy pumping, early planning
  • Nose kick, save nose dive, easy jumping
  • Concave deck, control, control, control
  • Foostraps, 1:1 or 2:1
  • Deck handle, balanced bottom handle, easy carrying
  • Custom Carbon Sandwich Technology, light and solid
  • Grooved diamond deck pad with tail kick
  • Reinforced double US foil box

In stock

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