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Torque Driver (adjustable) with bits

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Torque tool (adjustable) with bits.
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Brand: Wera

This handy torque driver with adjustable torque settings allows you to ENSURE that all of your hydrofoil parts are torqued to spec on assembly. The very rapid advancement in hydrofoil design along with increasing popularity has led to all sorts of jaw dropping and inspiring moves, jumps, twists, etc being carried out on hydrofoils and this in turn places huge stress on the assembly.

One of the best ways to avoid “warranty claim failures” from the outset is to ensure that the mounting bolts and wing screws are torqued correctly.

Too loose, and they allow play in the assembly which 100% leads to failure.
Too tight, and they stress/strip the screw threads, which 100% leads to failure.

This tool has adjustable torque settings, from 4.0Nm – 8.8Nm, which will cover the torque spec range for just about every hydrofoil brand.

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