The KONRAD BOARDING range of foils are the Swiss Army Knife of foiling and they tick just about every box that you want from your equipment, whether you are into Prone, SUP or Wing foiling.

Developed in Australia and into their 5th season of product, we have personally been very surprised and impressed by every aspect of the FLYR foil, from the quality of components to the all important performance on the water as well as the outstanding value that they offer.

The FLYR kit comes complete with covers for the wings,mast and fuselage as well as a large carry bag to hold everything in one easy to find place and their very clever base mount system allows you to fit, remove and move the foil in the board box without first having to insert or remove the screws from the track box completely.
To those new to foiling this may not sound like a big deal … trust us, it is!

There are currently 3 sizes of FLYR foil kits, being; 1900cm, 1600cm and 1300cm and they are all supplied with a 75cm mast and work perfectly for Wing, SUP and Surf foiling.

Key Features

  • Forged carbon fibre main wing and stabiliser
  • Aluminum mast and 3D CNC machined fuselage and base mount
  • Recessed base mount and fuselage connections for maximum stiffness
  • recessed torx head screws and included tools for easy high torque assembly
  • deep recessed main wing to fuselage connection for increased stiffness
  • Choice of 1900cm2, 1600cm2 or 1300cm2 wing sizes
  • Wing bags and kit bag included

Carbon fibre wings

The FLYR wing construction is amazingly light and durable, everything you need in your everyday foil.

Torx screws

The included torx head screws allow a very solid and effortless assembly. Tools are included.

Aluminium base mount

The FLYR base mount is made of aircraft grade anodised aluminium, and features load spreading lobes and quick strip open mount slots. The mast has a set in design (connection to the fuselage) to increase mast stiffness giving you more control during flight.

Mounting hardware

T-mount hardware is included for mounting to industry standard tracks.

Optional Mast sizes

The FLYR ships with a standard 70cm mast. 60, 80 and 90cm masts are available.

Sleek assembly

The FLYR assembly is simple and sleek. This simplicity, and elegantly designed wing, are efficient and effortless through the water.

– Suited to WingFoiling from the lightest possible through to 20kt+ on lakes; SUP and Prone foiling in small surf and open ocean downwinders for Wing or SUP.

1600cm – Suited to Prone foiling and SUP foiling up to chest high surf and offering exceptional pumpability to get you back out to the next roller. For WingFoiling it’s a great allrounder and will be best in the 15kt -30kt range.

1300cm – Suited to more advanced Prone surf  and SUP foilers, handling head high surf with ease. It’s also a great option for lighter weight riders as an all round option.
Glide, pumbability and the ability to carve power turns are the hallmarks of the 1300 FLYR.

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1300cm, 1600cm, 1900cm