BLAST Wings by Hyde.

Hyde Sails have a stellar 50 year history of sail manufacturing and have their own wholly owned loft with a staff compliment of 300. Their products have a solid reputation for exacting standards and build quality and this attention to detail is certainly carried through to their Wing and Kite ranges.

The Hyde loft staff are all knowledgeable and skilled in each and every step of the wing or kite assembly and are not limited to one “station” to repetitively perform the same task over and over.
In fact, the loft has a program where employees who are interested are taught how to kitesurf (wingsurf program coming) and have access to company provided equipment to do so. There are already a number of independently capable kiters among the loft staff and there are more lining up to take advantage of the program.
This program also gives the staff insight into the importance of the attention to detail in every aspect of production as they definitely also want their equipment to perform well.

Manufacturing and construction
LE & Strut – 165g Ripstop dacron
Canopy – 55g Double Ripstop nylon
Reinforcements – Triple coated, double water resistant 305g Teflon
Seams – glued and triple stitched
Bladders – 0.12mil bladders, each wing individually laser cut for better accuracy than stack cutting and heat sealing
Testing – EVERY SINGLE WING is inflated and pressure tested for a minimum of 6 hours before being packed


Performance of the Blast Wings
The HYDE Blast 3.0 has evolved quickly to lead they way as the high demands of this new sport unfold.

*Dynamic frame support – added stiffness to the main LE sections for crucial performance requirements like pumping and quick transitioning.
*Enhanced camber – A much deeper profile for low end power in gusty winds and when needed most in the water start.
*Tip twist – to allow the air to spill and drive the wing forward rather then stalling from an over tight Trailing edge. This also keeps the tension of the leech to reduce looseness and flutter.
*Upgraded handles and positions – new webbing, foam and deeper grip channels.
*Centre strut deflate valve – for quick deflation
*NON PVC window – just the right size in the right place to not hinder performance and constructed of x-ply scrim, ensuring that your wing keeps it’s shape over time..
*New and revised tension setting – for a much cleaner and smoother experience on the water. has had the Hyde Blast wings out on demo with some experienced WingFoilers who are pretty loyal to the wing brands that they have been using. One even said that he had pretty low expectations as he felt that his wing brand was the market leader and did not believe that anything else could come close.

After using the Hyde Blast Wings they have been completely blown away (pardon the pun)!

In terms of performance on the water they each came to similar conclusions that the Hyde Blast was incredibly rigid and stable in hand and did not distort under load, that it had great power per size and that the power was always controllable, that the upwind ability was excellent and that, essentially, that they could not find any on the water performance aspect to criticize.

They are now Hyde converts!

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