The KHULU Wing Board range is squarely placed at the performance end of the spectrum and these super efficient hull designs are combined with industry leading manufacturing partners to produce an outstanding product that is light, strong and fast.

The result of this synergy is a range that will have you up on the foil while others are still pumping away to generate speed.
Whilst the KHULU boards should absolutely not be pigeonholed as flat water boards (as they are designed and tested in some of South Africa’s toughest surf conditions), they should certainly be a serious consideration for any inland wingers as the hull shape is just super efficient and will make the very most out of any flat water session.
Speed = early planing
Speed = higher jumping
Speed = more fun!

The hull shape provides clean release edges on the rear section of the board for optimum planing efficiency and the rails are concave along the entire length, keeping them out of play as much as possible once planing.
This essentially gives you the stability of a wider board (easier starting) along with the performance of a much smaller board (faster, cleaner water release).

KHULU Wingers are available in the following new sizes for 2021
4’8″ 45L Prone Foil
4’8″ 55L Wing Foil
4’9″ 79L Wing Foil
5’5″ 100L Wing Foil
5’7″ 120L Wing Foil
PLEASE NOTE: The images displayed are the current model and will be updated with the new model images shortly.

We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the construction process and laminate spec are superior to any locally manufactured boards.
The KHULU range are all constructed with the correct carbon fabric (not the cheapest carbon cloth that is typically used), all boards are laminated using the resin infusion process (not standard wet layup and bagging), which ensures the lightest/strongest laminate integrity and they are then baked to increase the final strength of the carbon laminate.

In addition to that, there are some variations in construction detail that are customized to the various sizes.
For example, the 55L Wing board is built to withstand the beating that should be expected from the regular jumps, twists and spins associated with using boards of that size for wingfoiling; the 45L board has no PVC wrap as that is unnecessary for Prone Foiling stresses and would just add weight and cost and the 78L, 100L and 120L are built super light, but strong enough to jump with confidence.

The first of the new range will be available ex stock around mid May and whilst our goal is the always have boards available ex stock, the order book is now open on the new models for custom colour requests etc.
Order lead times on custom requests are the typical 6 week wait and require a 50% deposit.

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4'8" – 45L, 4'8" – 55L, 4'9" – 79L, 5'5" – 100L, 5'7" – 120L