The MB Boards Albatross is the board used by and seen in all the images of wingfoil superstar Balz Muller and the Albatross range has been built to withstand the forces on the foilbox and deck area that are generated by his antics; which means that they are almost indestructible for the rest of us.

The Albatross Wing Boards incorporate all of the most important characteristics required in a top tier Wing Board, namely;

  • ONE BOARD CONCEPT. The Albatros will wing with you wherever you want to go. All you have to do is choose the size!
  • RAILS. Bevel along the entire length of the hull for immediate takeoff after touchdown.
  • VOLUME. Perfectly distributed where you need to be,
  • BOTTOM SHAPE. Flat at the back for a better glide and a double concave at the front for an air-cushion effect during takeoff and touchdown.
  • ROCKER. Flat at the back and well raised on the front to avoid plunging.
  • COMPACT SHAPE. Optimised takeoff and very reactive board. In flight mode, the board responds quickly to rider input.
  • DECK SHAPE. Concave bridge for more precision in your supports and 3/4 4 mm deck pad ensuring comfort and reactivation.
  • FOIL BOXES. Double US-boxes specifically reinforced for foil.

1. Deck pads medium EVA 4 mm

2. Bi-axial carbon fibre with bi-axial carbon reinforcements

3. High density PVC sandwich

4. Entirely wrapped in glass fibre

5. Closed cells EPS core

6. Specific high density PVC reinforcements and compatible double US-boxes for foil

Albatros boards are available on Pre-Order only.  Lead time is approximately 15 days. Please contact us to discuss your order requirements.
Pricing is for boards, complete with footstraps and boardbag.

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58L, 98L, 118L