If you’re tired of big front wings being slow and boring  this package from MOSES offers a big wing that will leave you stoked!

This 2100cm kit has Amazing pumpability, is surprisingly agile, provides great manoeuvrability, is very forgiving on breaching, and delivers great glide efficiency and it’s FAST!

“The great thing is because of the good pumping you can stay up flying almost indefinitely”.

This surprisingly light setup will enable you to ride the open ocean swells with no need for a breaking wave.
This foil is ideal to even surf small waves and thanks to its speed and pumpability will always put you in the right spot to pick up the next roller.

We think the 82-1100 is the best windwing foil kit out there. If you are wing foiling at any of the inland locations in South Africa, this is everything that you will need.
On the coast and for open ocean foiling it will keep you on the fly almost indefinitely whether you are doing long distance downwinders on a SUP or Wing and it will have you prone surfing the smallest bumps.