This LIMITED OFFER pack provides the performance of a carbon kit at a highly competitive price and includes both the W790 (1550cm) and W1100 (2100cm) wings, ensuring that you are covered for everything from small rollers to chest high surf for prone or SUP foiling and everything from 6kt through to 30kt for Wingfoiling.

The profile and construction of the 72cm mast guarantees high rigidity, in flex and torsion that allow you to use it with the large 2100cm and 2300cm wings with confidence.

The unique design of this 1550cm foil wing allows you to prone or SUP surf small waves, while It’s top end speed and stability make this wing ideal for use with a windwing in 15+ knots.
The 2100cm foil wing provides the lift and speed required for light wind Wingfoiling or downwind SUP runs in small swell and it’s speed an efficiency through the water would have you believing that you you were on a much smaller foil wing.

The self controlled lift, due to the advanced inverted gull wing design, will keep your grinning from ear to ear in all conditions.

The new mast using a hybrid carbon core guarantees rigidity and precision in every type of manoeuvre, whether it’s prone, wing or SUP foiling.