New W799 Balz Muller LTD Wing!

This new wing designed in collaboration with the Pro-rider Balz Muller gives amazing performances for winging!

The reduced surface of 1100 cm2, the 799 mm wingspan and the high profile guarantee high maneuverability and agility, while keeping also a high level of lift.

In a nutshell, like Balz himself, this wing is the Swiss Army Knife of wingfoiling.
In collaboration with Balz, this wing design is somewhat of a departure from the rest of the SABFoil design ethos and it has a thicker profile than anything else on the SABFoil range as well as sporting rounded wingtips.

This combination has resulted in a foil wing that is able to keep you flying at speeds much lower than imagined for the size and it is able to breach the water surface with no loss in traction … IOW, you can throw buckets of spray in your turns 🙂