Compact and lightweight the Zion range of dedicated WingFoilers offer the very latest shape concept in terms of size and volume distribution which ensures that your first board will not be left gathering dust after a few months.
The 6.0 Zion is great for taking your first steps into WingFoiling but the performance and handling characteristics will still be perfect for any inland location as an only board, regardless of experience level.

The smaller sizes give a new and amazing sense of freedom while still packing enough volume to keep you out of trouble when you really need it.

The Zion is PVC wrapped with the option of carbon  or glass with unique double-deck finbox construction so that you never have to worry about your foil boxes ripping out and comes with foot strap inserts for attaching straps when you’re looking to start doing airs.

This range is represents fair value for the price point.

The Zion 6’0″ (125L) and 5’2″ (89L) are stock items. The following additional sizes can also be ordered with a 4 week lead time; 5’6″ (109L), 4’8″ (77L).