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Rock n Roll SOFT TOP board range
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Building on the success of the original ROCK’N’ROLL board, which has a unique shape that provides excellent stability and control, we have created the ROCK’N’ROLL Soft Top, which is the perfect choice for discovers of the sport, kids and schools.

The concave outline offers exceptional stability and balance while on the water. The wide tail allows for easy acceleration, take-off and great control while flying. The larger sizes of the ROCK’N’ROLL Soft Top are equipped with a center US Box to fit a fin as an additional tool to assist beginners and prevent drifting (137L & 167L models), as well as extra-long foil boxes to allow flexible foil placement. The entire deck and rail are protected with a soft EVA pad, offering comfort when kneeling and durability in use. Experience the thrill of wing foiling and feel the joy of dancing on the water! You will be amazed at the speed of your progression.

ROCK’N’ROLL SOFT TOP 37, 67, 107, 117, 137, 167

The Soft Top version of the Rock n Roll utilizes a fiberglass hull layup with carbon patches in critical areas and this cost saving is reflected in the pricing.
The Soft Top boards are however not recommended nor warrantied for freestyle jumps. The huge shock forces created by the foil when landing these types of maneuvers require full carbon construction for complete peace of mind.
The Soft Top range is perfectly suitable for all other levels of freeriding, pronefoiling, wakefoilg, kitefoiling, etc.

Durable fiberglass carbon construction

The fiberglass construction is reinforced with carbon layers at the nose, tail and on the standing area. All inserts and the foil box are reinforced with PVC to ensure durability of the board.

Prone-, pump-, wake- and wing-foiling

The ROCK’N’ROLL SOFT TOP 37 and 67 are the perfect partner on the water for lighter persons, kids or advanced riders. Whether wing-, prone-, pump- or wake-foiling, your sessions will be an unforgettable experience.

Easy acceleration and take-off

The bottom shape and rocker have been designed for effortless takeoffs. This enables you to generate speed without actively-pumping until the foil is ready for a slow and steady takeoff.

Center fin setup

This is the ideal set up for your first steps in discovering wing foiling. The center fin (US-Box fin not included) helps you stay upwind and on a straight line. Applies to sizes 137 and 167.

Ultimate stability in the water

The wide nose and tail are engineered to provide important stability, and the volume is perfectly distributed. Both features working to support your balance on the water.

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