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ENSIS Waltz - DW board range
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The ENSIS Waltz, Downwind Board range is here!

In setting out to bring a DW board range to market, ENSIS took a no-holds-barred approach and instructed the R&D team to benchmark against a wide variety of the board offerings that were already in the market.
In typical Swiss style, they were not satisfied with the easy route of simply knocking out a generic shape and offering it for sale. The range had to bring something to the table that would make them both competitive but also desirable once they hit the market.

One of the aspects of the rapidly developing DW board market has been how versatile these shapes are (in potential), and while there certainly are options out there that are good for any one single element of their potential use (DW, surf SUPfoil, pumpfoil, light wind wingfoil) ENSIS wanted their range to be great for ALL of these disciplines.

The resulting Waltz board range has met the team's lofty goals and, whist they have kept the overall lengths as "short" as possible to ensure a low swing weight "feel" while on the foil, the overall waterline length has been cleverly maximized and ensures that there is still super early take off for downwinding on small powerless waves or for flat water paddle ups.

There are also so many different foil choices that can be used on these types of boards and as foil positioning is a key to success, one of the important aspects that has been included in the Waltz range is the inclusion of the industry's longest foil tracks, at 42cm, which ensures that you will find the right positioning that works for you, regardless of what foil brand or style of foil you ride.

Full carbon layup for the construction, along with bomber foil box reinforcements and the inclusion of front footstrap options on all sizes is the route taken and yet the ENSIS Waltz boards have still come out lighter than 90% of the other available brands that were compared at the Boot Show in Dusseldorf recently, and as a bonus, the boards are supplied locally in SA with an OEM board bag included in the pricing.

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