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Brand: Ensis

Swiss engineered ENS!S wings are for watersport athletes looking for new perspectives or for surfers wanting to challenge their own boundaries and defy the limits of physics.
If you’re seeking airtime like co-developer Balz Müller or simply want a relaxing ride with a SUP – ENS!S equipment guarantees pure joy.

Freestyle – Wing freestyle is innovation. No move is too crazy not to try it. The rigid profile of the ENS!S wing is an incredible advantage. No flex for the most direct power transfer possible. And if a trick requires de-powering to be set to neutral within split seconds, an ENS!S wing shows its unique abilities. with the best quality – because material is only spared on the beach.

Freeride – is not just a loose term at ENS!S—it’s a motto. That’s why the ENS!S wing gives riders that perfect light and free feeling while still maintaining maximum propulsion and exceptional control. And remember, ENS!S wings can also be flown perfectly with a windsurf boom.

Wave Riding – Being on your wave and feeling the wave thrust, you only want one thing – to glide forever. Without any
restrictions. Thanks to the stable profile and the neutral hovering behavior of the ENS!S wing, one-handed control is absolutely easy.,without fluttering of the trailing edge.
And when you need it, an ENS!S wing delivers full power for wave riding at it’s best.

  • For entry level to the pro,
    The ENS!S wing flies extremely stable, is light in the hands and has incredible power and propulsion for starting, going upwind and jumping. Ideal for everyone, from the first discovery to the professional
  • Maximum performance at all wind speeds
    The unique design of the ENS!S wing enables this perfect combination of stability, power and propulsion. Ideal for light winds to stormy conditions.
    The canopy is stretched even without wind pressure, so that flutter is reduced and maximum control is guaranteed.
  • For freeride, wave and freestyle
    Enormous propulsion, easily controllable power and perfect stability – these features are combined with easy handling and guarantee maximum fun when freeriding, surfing and freestyling.
  • Perfectly placed handles
    The 4 handles are exactly where they need to be. They allow the hands to be placed in a perfect way.
    The narrow handle in the middle of the strut also fits ideally for the harness lines.
  • Practical option with a boom
    For all windsurfers who don’t want to ride without a boom: thanks to the loop at the end of the strut, a windsurfing boom can be easily installed.
  • Best quality, precise processing
    The ENS!S wing is built with the highest quality materials precisely processed. This ensures an extremely robust, light, and durable wing.Technical Features
  • Robust and light canopy
    ENS!S wings are made using the highest quality fabric available on the market—Tejin 3×3 canopy material. The canopy is a triple ripstop made in Japan proven to have the best stiffness to weight ratio and incomparable durability.
  • Stiff and soft handles
    Made of an internal plastic stiffener covered with EVA and a soft yet heavy duty external tubular webbing ,..each handle is connected to the strut that is wrapped with a reinforcement designed to spread the tension throughout the entire strut. That avoids tension concentration at a given point and makes it a solid, reliable handle that remains comfortable in the hands
    and gives riders direct wing control.
  • Resistant front tube
    The leading edge is reinforced against abrasion at every segment’s connection, specifically in the wing tip area where heavy duty material is used. These ENS!S reinforcements prevent chafing of the tubes and thus increase the life-span of the wings.
  • Reinforced trailing edge
    The trailing edge features a dyneema rope, making it increasingly resilient and long lasting while also greatly
    reducing flutter.
  • Fast one pump system
    The max flow valve and the double inflate / deflate valves enable quick inflation and deflation.
  • High quality seams
    The leading edge and strut closing seam are built with an added reinforcement layer of insignia, using the
    highest resistance thread made in the UK. The ENS!S tubes are designed for an inflation pressure of 7 to 9 psi enabling the ENS!S wing to have the most rigid frame possible.

We currently have stock of Ensis Wings in 4.5m, 5.2m and 6.0m.
Other sizes are available on request – talk to us!

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