SAB Torpedo Wing/SUP Crossover Downwind board range

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SAB all carbon WING downwind boards
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The incredible performance of the Torpedo boards will allow you to practice Wing Foil on extremely light wind days, as well as in open sea waves or even in stronger wind conditions.

The flat rocker design provided improved acceleration in the lightest of breezes;
The enhanced V-Tail helps when pumping and lets you drive the board forward while accelerating.

All you have to do is choose the right Torpedo for you to find the perfect balance of stability, flotation, speed, and control.

The Torpedo range is more wingfoil biased than the Siluro range. Either range can be used for either purpose but they will excel in their area of "bias".
The Torpedo boards are a little shorter and a little wider than the Siluro and their tail shape and rocker line are focused on providing super early glide and speed to get you up onto the foil.

Specs - 90L
Volume: 90 L
Length: 6'1''
Width: 19,51''
Thickness: 5,57'

Specs - 100L
Volume: 100 L
Length: 6'3''
Width: 19,90''
Thickness: 6,06''

Specs - 110L
Volume: 110 L
Length: 6'4''
Width: 20,51''
Thickness: 6,36''

Due to the exclusive nature of these Italian works of art, they are available locally on a pre-order basis only.
Typically, orders are processed and received within 3 weeks but, chat to us to confirm lead times if you are ready to order.

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