SABFoil - Kraken Base Plates

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The SABFoil Kraken mast system allows you to utilize your SAB mast setup with a variety of interchangeable base/connection options to suit most needs.
Choose the mast to board connection that you would like with your Kraken mast.

PO2K - "Rail" or "Track" (different words to describe the standard foil track board inserts) connection in Aluminium.
CPO2K - This is a carbon version of the standard ALU plate and saves 200g in weight. Please be aware that, if you are wanting to interchange your mast between different boards, they would all need to be using the same ALU or CARBON plate as the QR pin setup is slightly different for each.
IOW, once you have set up your QR pin for a carbon plate, it will interchange with other carbon plates but not with an ALU plate.
TO3K - Tuttle connection in ALU.
TO4K - Deep Tuttle connection in ALU.

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