SABFoil M92 W1100 kit

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SABFoil M92 W1100 kit
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The W1100 is hands down the ultimate tool for wingfoiling at inland locations throughout South Africa and also as a first foil kit for learning the sport.

What makes the W1100 different from most other "large" hydrofoils is the legendary SABFoil speed through the water.
Some brands utilize a really chunky foil profile in their bigger wings which makes them have excellent early lift but it's like driving a car that never gets out of first gear. It gets old pretty quickly.

The W1100 is plenty fast enough to keep you thrilled and engaged for a long time and, even if/when you do get to the point of wanting a smaller/faster wingfoil setup, the W1100 will always remain your first choice for light winds.

Another important aspect of this kit is that it is supplied with a 92cm mast.
When using larger wings like the W1100, W1250 and W1100 having the extra mast length is hugely beneficial when you progress to planeing through gybes as it ensures that the foil tips do not ventilate, with the resulting crash 🙂

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